Alcide & AWS Bottlerocket: 
A New Era for Securing Kubernetes Containers

Featuring OODA Health's case-study 

Alon Berger
, Technical Marketing Engineer, Alcide

Aharon Twizer, Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Mitch Anderson, Site Reliability Engineer, OODA Health

TJ Smith, Information Security Analyst, OODA Health


AWS Bottlerocket is an open-source,  Linux-based platform for running containers on both virtual machines and bare metal hosts. It is built to optimize performance, security, and updating for containerized applications.

As a proud technology partner with AWS, Alcide natively integrates with Bottlerocket to provide unparalleled visibility and deep network security, monitoring of all running workloads, across multiple accounts and regions.

Alcide recently announced full support of OODA Health, a health-tech company, with their Kubernetes deployments, running on AWS Bottlerocket.


Watch this webinar to learn:

    • What is AWS Bottlerocket
    • How Bottlerocket users can benefit from Alcide's solution
    • OODA Health use-case with AWS Bottlerocket and Alcide