On-Demand Webinar:
GitOps Progressive Security with Alcide Advisor and D2iQ Dispatch

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GitOps has been around for quite some time in the DevOps community and still continues to pique our interest when it comes to driving operation tools.

It is the modern method of software development and operations, including Continuous Deployment for cloud-native applications.

D2iQ recently introduced us to Dispatch, a new solution that delivers cloud-native CI/CD for enterprises on their GitOps journey using any on-premise or cloud Kubernetes distribution.

Dispatch enables GitNative - a design principle method for developers to leverage application workflows and to program a git repository that simplifies working with developers' common tools.


Watch this webinar to learn:

    • What is GitOps?
    • What challenges can be solved with GitOps?
    • Key benefits and features for progressive security throughout the CI/CD pipeline
    • Examples and use-cases by D2IQ and Alcide, leveraging GitOps capabilities